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"ATO" means "gift" in pure Korean words. In other words, "beautiful soil". 

We would like to give the gift of the experience of the Korean liquors. 


The liquors are made with grains and fruits that our farmers harvested from our beautiful land, then brewed with love and care by our talented brewers in Korea. 

Our mission is to give the gift of memories made with people you love,withKorean liquor. 

ATO acts as a bridge between Korea and European countries, to introduce new and popular traditional Korean liquors. 

We carefully select and introduce approximately 2000 different Korean liquors from 1200 distilleries in South Korea.

Tae-Yeol Kim is a bartender, the first representative and an ambassador for traditional Korean liquors. He has studied and publicised Korean liquor for many many years. ​"Ato" was established, to be the first step towards educating the public about Korean liquors, and that our liquors tell stories. ​

We will gift you with Korean food and cocktails recipes to spread love and joy. 



Beautiful "ah"  soil  "sat"


beautiful in our land 

Receive grains and fruits carefully grown by farmers

A single wine made with great care by talented brewers


We will deliver a gift to you cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Our mission is to present Korean alcohol, time and precious memories that connect pleasant places with precious people. 

 Ato plays a role in introducing Korea's representative traditional liquor and newly born Korean liquor to Europe.

It introduces carefully selected quality and stories from 1200 breweries in Korea and over 2,000 kinds of sake.

Kim Tae-yeol, the 1st traditional liquor ambassador and representative, has been studying Korean sake for a long time and is promoting Korean sake to many people. Ato was created not to enjoy drinking our alcohol, but to share stories and learning with friends.

We will present many cocktail recipes and many food recipes  to present pleasure.

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