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A+ Set.

Leegangju 38% 750ml + Homemade Mogwa (Quince) syrup + Korean Pear juice [갈아만든 배] + 1 Korean Snack + 1 Korean Instant Ramen




B+ Set.

Hwayo 41% 750ml + Homemade Yuzu syrup + Korean Muscat drink [포도봉봉] + 1 Korean Snack + 1 Korean Instant Ramen




C+ Set.

Moonbaesool 40% 700ml + Homemade Yuzu syrup + Korean Pear juice [갈아만든 배] + 1 Korean Snack + 1 Korean Instant Ramen




D+ Set.

Damsoul 40% 500ml + 2 types of Homemade syrup + Korean Pine bud drink [솔의 눈] + Korean Milk Soda [밀키스] + 1 Korean Snack + 1 Korean Instant Ramen




- 갈아만든 배 [Korean Pear drink] is the most popular pear drink in Korea. Using actual Asian pear which is sweet and juicy, not only it is highly refreshing but also great as a hangover cure drink (scientifically proven!)


- 포도봉봉 [Korean Muscat drink] is a lovely muscat flavoured drink from Korea which has the perfect balance between sweet and sour. The most addictive part of this drink is that it has actual muscat inside so you can chew while drinking!


- 솔의 눈 [Korean Pine bud drink] is one of the most unique drinks in Korea. Made with actual pines, it has a very strong fan base thanks to its refreshing flavour.


- 밀키스 [Korean Milk soda] is fizzy, milky, velvety and sweet soda. You might not be familiar with milk with bubbles, but trust me, once you taste it you will immediately understand why this is one of Koreans' favourites!





* The images and descriptions provided are just examples - the type of syrups and drinks may differ based on the stock available.


* Please note that the brand/type of Korean Snack and Korean Instant Ramen are not fixed and may differ on every order!


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