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Distillery: SolsongjuRegion: South KoreaSpirit: Soju (Pine)Alcohol: 40%

Andong Jinmek

Carefully hand crafted soju made with organic whole wheat using traditional distillery methods.


A soju made at Menge village in Andong, South Korea. From selecting the best field to grow wheat, sowing, harvesting, to processing the whole wheat; and aging the alcohol in the natural mud caves for over a year - every process is done by the farmers and craftsmen of the distillery. A single bottle of 진맥 소주 is something more than just a bottle of great soju; it is the care and effort of farmers, and two years of waiting.



Distillery: Andong Jinmek


Region: South Korea


Spirit: Soju (WHEAT)


Alcohol: 40%


SKU: 366615376135191
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