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The name HWAYO (火堯) was made by dividing the Chinese character 'So' (燒) of 'Soju' (燒酒).

'Hwa' (fire) means fire and 'Yo' (堯) means a high and noble object. Earth (土) which could be divided from Yo (堯) expresses the sprit of HWAYO.
These two words meet together to honor the name of the best distilled spirits in Korea, HWAYO (火堯).

'HWAYO' comes to birth when Kwangjuyo Group starts their Hansik globalization.

In the context of Korean ceramic ware culture, the overall flow of Korean contemporary food culture has been replaced by Kwangjuyo's symbolic ceramic tableware. Kwangjuyo Group discovers the idea of 'ceramic ware developed countries develop food and drink that suits well with ceramic wares', and leads to develop Korean cuisine menu with Korean liquor which dissolves the characteristics of Korea. This was the start of Korean Food(Hansik) Globalization business.





Region:South Korea


Spirit:Soju Rice 100%


Alcohol: 53%

HWAYO 53% 500ML

SKU: 21554345656
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